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    ((I really REALLY miss this roleplay…..js….))

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    This revolution will LIVE!! >:C Man your stations Assbutts


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    Epic music for our epic pirate team.

  4. 1 year ago 
    Wow, what. As fantastic as this sounds, are they honestly expecting us to fight amongst ourselves so that only a third of us can ‘properly’ leave?


    That’s what it looks like to me, anyway. More “Drama Island” bullshit…ugh.

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    The winning crew […] will officially have their SPRC contracts severed”


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    You’re an asshole, dude. An extremely serious, observant, and informative asshole.

    And I wouldn’t take your threats lightly for anything. But if I were really that much of a problem, trust me - I’d off myself first. No worries there. Hopefully I won’t do that now that you’ve given me such honest insight into my personal dilemmas. Like I didn’t know half of that shit already you emotionless sack of—

    Apparently I still have a lot to think about.

    PS - I’ll make my own judgments, thanks.

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    Getting yourself into the B Room is a move that you will regret, Broflovski. We all know now what can potentially happen to a person, therefore the idea is, indeed, bogus.

    But there are too many “if’s” in the equation, Myers. Like, the only ways I can see myself regretting it are IF I realize too late that they’re going to kill me; IF we have a surefire way home right now and nobody has told me; or maybe IF I get mind-trashed into somebody you guys don’t like and then later I somehow get turned back into who I am now. There’s no guarantee that any of those things will ever happen. Likely, I’ll just be a different version of me with no recollection of anything that has happened here, or during my previous life, or anything that happens to be making me miserable right now.

    Bogus or not, my own personal regret is not something I give too much of a fuck about at the moment. You’ll have to do better than that to convince me otherwise, though I do greatly appreciate the attempt.

  8. 1 year ago 
    Don’t think about it too much.

    But I over-think everything.

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    I want to care again.

    But I’m finding that to be a lot harder than it sounds.

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    …. i am. tentatively though, i mean i have no idea if i sincerely want to be going to this or if it’s just like some survival mode to stay out of b room/hell. and the position for anti-christ seems wide open atm so go for it broflovski yay

    Hahahaha. Awesome. I just might try it then, even if I end up going to this stupid prom with Evan anyway. I can easily find a way to send myself to the B Room. Unless one of you other asshats actually gets up with me and tells me what a bogus idea that is. You know, that would be cool too….

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